All-round developer – full-time


All-round developer

Greenhost is a small idealistic company that focuses on sustainable web hosting and cloud services built around preserving human rights. We are looking for an enthusiastic programmer to be part of a small and self-steering team of developers. We believe diversity makes for better teams, so we welcome applications from people with all backgrounds.

Acceptance criteria


  • You share our values: you care about sustainability, digital security and you prefer open-source
  • Good understanding of Python, PHP, Git and database management
  • Working as part of a mulitdisciplined team brings out the best in you
  • Good proficiency with Linux command line tools
  • Your workflow is organised and well structured: during your work you make unit/functional tests and update the documentation
  • Proficient in English, as it is the primary language within our company
  • You are a quick learner who is open to working with new applications, tools or frameworks


About the job


Greenhost offers internet services with an ethical and sustainable approach. Our service offerings include web hosting, cloud services, and powerful niche offerings in information security. Collaborating with cultural organizations and technical pioneers, we strive to give our users the full opportunities of the internet while also protecting their privacy. We are actively involved in open-source development, and we collaborate with outside projects in the areas of technology, journalism, culture, education, sustainability and internet freedom.

You will work in a small and autonomous development team that is primarily responsible for the “Cosmos Service Center”. Apart from that, the work consists of separate projects funded by organisations like the Open Technology Fund. Activities of the last year include building an open source Let’s Encrypt plugin for HAProxy, which will shortly be available for free to all our customers. Furthermore, as part of a project to create an online learning platform that will teach people how to improve their online security, the team created a chatbot to teach people how to use OTR.

In return, we will offer you the following things:

  • A place where you can feel free to talk about topics you have a strong opinion about, for example online privacy, net neutrality or human rights, without being judged or criticised
  • A lot of freedom in your work, you and your team will make your own planning
  • An opportunity to use your technological skills for socially relevant projects
  • A small, friendly, growing company with flat management structure
  • The opportunity to participate in unique cultural and technical events
  • Good coffee, Mate – or whatever is your poison, locally sourced lunch and a modern, spacious and carbon neutral office in Amsterdam


About you

You can work independently, you don’t need somebody to hold your hand or tell you what to do. You can prioritise and you help the team maintain the planning and road map. You help us improve our workflow and processes. You are passionate about creating elegant solutions for complicated issues. The following list includes a lot of items that are relevant for the various projects we are involved in, in no particular order. They are nice to haves, you do not need to have experience with all of them (or even any, except ping pong). Interest in these topics goes a long way as well, we learn as we go and so will you.

  • Understanding of other programming languages
  • Experience porting applications from legacy frameworks to modern frameworks
  • Experience creating a great UI, you strive for the smoothest UX possible
  • Experience with Open EdX
  • Experience with elegantly integrating (unix) tools and aplications in web applications
  • Experience working in an agile development team
  • Experience with Behaviour Driven Development and/or Test Driven Development, perhaps you already know how useful persona’s and user stories can be in defining your deliverables
  • Experience with making use of or — better yet, setting up continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • Experience with testing framework(s), CodeCeption for example
  • Perhaps you have come into contact with Ansible scripts before
  • Live in or around Amsterdam, or are willing to relocate
  • You like to play ping pong, but are not really good at it


Contribution guidelines

If we spiked your interest, do not hesitate to e-mail us a motivation with your CV and a (link to a) piece of code you are proud of to, GPG Fingerprint: 57A0 7F09 90E5 95F9 4E5C 300D A642 0965 4BB9 5417