Auteur: Anatole Shaw

Categorie├źn: Techniek

Multi-queue network interfaces with SMP on Linux

10 april 2013 -

This article is part of the Greenhost engineering series. In this series, we explore specialist topics as they relate to our internal technical work as an Internet hosting provider. The intended audience is systems administrators, systems programmers, and network engineers. Building a router with Linux is a viable alternative to commercial products in many applications. In this article, we explore the process of optimizing Linux for the best packet-forwarding performance by exploiting symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and Ethernet interfaces with multiple… Lees meer

Auteur: Anatole Shaw

Categorie├źn: Greenhost, Security, Techniek

Spam? Not Spam? Tracking a hijacked Spamhaus IP

21 maart 2013 -

Today (21th of March 2013) we noticed we that a lot of our incoming email was being marked as spam. Since this included many messages that were clearly not spam, we decided to investigate more deeply. We found that a third party was subverting the Spamhaus service using a routing-based attack.   First clues: Spamhaus misbehaving? To filter out spam we use a combination of about 30 different rules. One of them is based on the Spamhaus advisory services, which… Lees meer