System / Network Engineer

Your UNIX / Linux systems and router / firewalls are lucky to have you as their admin. You have a passion for designing and building systems that work, and keep working, rain or shine. As an engineer, you have a critical and hands-on approach to software and technologies and a solid history of making them work the way you want. You like finding ways to make your deployment and maintenance jobs easier, so you can spend more time fixing, improving, learning new things and thinking about ideas. As a hacker, you know that learning hands-on is usually better than reading a manual, open source code is usually better than ‘enterprise’ software, and the journey is half the fun.

Context of position:

Innovative approach to technology, interdisciplinary team, virtualisation of internet services, work on projects to facilitate safe means of communication for journalists and activists all over the world, green and sustainable approach towards tech and work environment, pro digital freedom, flat management structure and working together with like-minded people in an informal setting.

Activities and tasks:

  • 50% of your time focused on new technology deployment
  • 50% Automating systems deployments and streamlining existing processes
  • Migrations of existing platforms and networks or setting up new platforms
  • Participate in technology evaluation, selection and integration
  • Take initiatives on troubleshooting, debugging, documentation and performance
  • Monthly on-call duties


Soft-hardware skills:

  • Fluency with UNIX/Linux user land environments (Debian Linux preferred)
  • Network- and cluster file systems like NFS and Ceph
  • Good understanding of the Linux kernel, and KVM and/or Xen hypervisors
  • Experience with TCP/IP, routers, firewalls, VPNs, Ethernet, VLANs, Wireshark/tcpdump
  • Experience with containers (LXC, chroots and systemd-nspawn)
  • Programming skills in at least 1 of { Python, Perl, C, bash and someday we’ll do Rust }
  • Experience with webserver and proxies like Apache, Nginx and HAProxy
  • Experience with Mysql and/or MariaDB
  • Experience with configuration automation (Ansible, Chef, CFEngine, or similar)



  • Analytical thinking (Ability to analyze problems, propose solutions and drive issues to resolution)
  • Decision making (Highly motivated, self-starter who can take direction but does not need micro-managing)
  • Testing (Experience with testing disaster recovery strategies across (multiple) data-centers)
  • Troubleshooting (Identify causes of network problems, experience with build systems, compilers, and open-source software and troubleshoot software/systems independently)
  • Support and maintenance (Ability to meet service level agreements and provide high quality customer service)
  • ICT project management (Ability to deal with changing priorities and handle multiple projects)
  • Infrastructure and platform (Install and configure network equipment, install hardware or software systems or components, ensuring integration with existing network systems)
  • Excellent documentation habits
  • Ability to research technical topics and troubleshoot software/systems independently
  • Comfortable working in self-steering teams


What we are offering:

  • The opportunity to work on an original and innovative cloud compute/storage platform, which will be used by a unique global community of researchers and developers and offered as part of our product range
  • A small, friendly, growing company with a flat management structure
  • Connections to pioneers and influencers in free software and the digital liberties community
  • Beautiful sunny fresh-air office in the North of Amsterdam
  • Strong, long standing customer relationships, with over a decade providing Internet services
  • Mix cutting edge technology with social relevance
  • Research opportunities
  • A place where you can feel free to talk about topics you have a strong opinion about, for example online privacy, net neutrality or human rights, without being judged or criticised
  • A lot of freedom in your work, you and your team will make your own planning
  • an opportunity to use your technological skills for socially relevant projects
  • Good coffee, Mate – or whatever is your poison, locally sourced lunch and a modern, spacious and carbon neutral office in Amsterdam



We accept applications on a rolling basis. Please direct your letter of interest and resume to:
PGP Finger print: 57A0 7F09 90E5 95F9 4E5C 300D A642 0965 4BB9 5417
Acquisition regarding this vacancy is NOT appreciated!