Auteur: Douwe

Categorieën: Greenhost

Fairphone saved in under an hour!

At 14:57 The telephone rings. Fairphone has an urgent request for us. Yesterday their webshop opened to a bigger audience and now they are receiving over 1.5 million hits per day. Anyone can now pre-order their fair and honest phone. A little after noon the website gets such an amount of traffic that it starts to stutter. It is straining under the weight of its own succes. Fairphones question is simple: “Are you the ones that will save our website?”

Floris of the support dept. has them on the phone and makes a quick calculation of what would be necessary to keep the website stable and afloat. A Premium 2 subscription seem like no superfluous luxery. Our main technician Mart quickly makes a temporary account to where the data of the website can be transferred. After all the files and the WordPress CMS on which the site relies have been put in place the administrator changes the DNS at the old host. Now the url points to it’s new and sustainable home on our servers.

At 15:51 the whole site is over to Greenhost and is available at full speed like nothing ever happened. From now on Fairphone is hosted green and everyone is able again to pre-order this brilliant fair phone!

full disclosure: Some of the employees of Greenhost have a strong interest in Fairphone meeting their target; we can’t wait to get our hands on one of those gems!